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From the pediatrician’s point of view/Neonatologist

  • Women who have borne children with suspicion of congenital infection of bacterial, viral, parasitic etiology:
  1. Strep Group B Infection
  2. Infection with Listeria monocitogenes
  3. Infection with Neisseria Gonorhoeae
  4. Infection with Treponema pallidum
  5. Trachomatis Chlamydia Infection
  6. Infection with Mycoplasma Homminis
  7. Rubella Virus Infection
  8. Herpes virus infection (HSV1/HSV2)
  9. Cytomegalovirus virus Infection (CMV)
  10. Varicella-zoster virus infection
  11. Hepatitis B virus Infection
  12. HIV infection
  13. Hepatitis C virus Infection
  14. Infection with Parvovirus B 19
  15. Zika Virus Infection
  16. Infection with Toxoplasma gondii
  • Infants born of mothers with one or more diseases contained in the acronym TORCH of bacterial, viral, parasitic etiology.
  • Children of ante-preschool age with late-onset manifestations due to the infection of pregnant women during pregnancy with microoorganisms of bacterial, viral, parasitic etiology contained in the acronym TORCH.

From the point of view of the microbiologist/laboratory doctor

From the point of view of Parazitologului/laboratory doctor

  • Women who wish to conceive with a history of abortion due to a disease of parasitic etiology: -Infection with Toxoplasma gondii
  • Women who wish to conceive but who did not get pregnant due to repeated infections of parasitic etiology in history.
  • Women who got pregnant, but did not perform any tests within the TORCH panel.
  • Women who wish to conceive without medical history.
  • Women who have borne children with congenital infection suspicion of parasitic etiology.
  • Minor women under the age of 18 who got pregnant.

From the Virologist/Laboratory doctor point of view


From the gynecologist’s point of view

The TORCH.RO Information Platform is an approach aimed at informing the population about prenatal medical investigations and providing guidance when needed without any responsibility in terms of medical diagnosis. Its purpose is also to facilitate communication between patients and physicians and to emphasize the importance of permanent healthcare.

During pregnancy, TORCH testing needs to be individualized, and medical recommendations must be made accurately due to consequences that can be fatal to the fetus. The project aims to develop a smart support system for both parents and women who want to conceive.


TORCH.RO nu îsi propune sa înlocuiasca consultul medical de specialitate, informatia prezentata pe acest site are un caracter informativ. Pentru mai multe informatii consultati Principii de Etica